Cloud technology : Cloud and SaaS, Security and Services


Here in this article, we will discuss about cloud technology. What is Cloud and SaaS ? You also know in this article about software as a service. In this article we will discuss about saas application. Also you know in this article about best saas subscription management software. You will in this article about what is father of cloud computing. We will cover all about cloud server. In this article we will cover in this article abouut benefits of cloud computing, cloud technology definition,cloud technology solutions, cloud infrastructure and many more about cloud technology.

Let’s start with Cloud Technology Solutions :

The way we store and access data is changing thanks to cloud computing. A shared pool of computing resources is a accessible through the internet using this computing approach. Terms like a cloud computing and cloud service are frequently used interchangeably when referring to the cloud technologies. Infrastructure as a service platform as a service and software as a service are the three deployment types that are the most frequently used.

A software delivery paradigm known as SaaS enables customers to access programes online. Customers can subscribe to SaaS application which are hosted by a third party supplier and made a available to them. A class of SaaS product called a saas subscription management software help to businesses in managing their recurring revenue and subscription payments.

Joseph carl robnett licklider who foresaw a time when computer processing power and data storage would be a centralised and available to everyone across a network is a regarded as the father of cloud computing.


The physical and virtual parts of the cloud environment are referred to as cloud infrastructure. The different services offered by a cloud providers like Amazon web services are known as a cloud solutions. The well known cloud computing platform AWS cloud computing offers a variety of cloud based services. The process of linking cloud resources to a on premises resources or other cloud resources is referred to as a cloud networking.

For companies that store sensitive data on the cloud, cloud computing security is a crucial factor. cloud computing platforms provide a variety of a security capabilities to safeguard data and guarantee adherence to a industry requirements.

Hybrid Cloud Computing :

Combining public and private cloud services, hybrid cloud computing enables companies to take use of both forms of a cloud computing’s advantages. It gives a businesses the option to keep control over sensitive data while also ofering flexibility, scalability and cost savings.

Cloud Technology Advantages and Disadvantages :

Cloud technology advantages :

  • Backup and restoring data
  • Improved collabration
  • Low maintenance cosr
  • Unlimites storag

Cloud technology disadvantages :

  • Internet conectivity
  • Limited control
  • Security

Types of Cloud Computing :

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) :

A cloud computing architecture called infrastructure as a service in cloud computing makes a virtualized computing resources available online. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are a few IaaS examples. Without needing to invest in real hardware, iaas in cloud computing allow to organisations to quickly and effectively extend their IT infrastructure.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) :

A platform for developers to create, test, and deploy applications is a offered by the paas in cloud computing model known as a  platform as a service paas. Microsoft azure paas services, Google App Engine and Heroku are a few paas examples. Developers may a concentrate on creating applications instead of worrying about managing infrastructure thanks to PaaS.

Software as a Service (SaaS) :

Software as a Service a saas in cloud computing model, uses the internet to a offer saas application. Dropbox, Salesforce and Microsoft ofice 365 are some examples of SaaS products. Without needing to spend money on the saas business or a software licences, software as a service saas allow to a organisations to access software applications.  


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