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Google Ads initial release date is 23 October 2000, nearly 21 years ago. The services of Google Ads are best than others. You can advertise online what you want at very cheap rate and expand your products worldwide, it provides best customization options, so you can show your ads only those people you select. People create Google AdSense account for generate income from their website. So, it’s best for both advertisers and public. In this post we gives all important information of Google Ads, how to create or handle Google AdSense & Google AdSense YouTube account and about Google AdMob implementation. It’s one of the best platform for invest your money for advertise your product and increase your income. Lets know hot it works and why Google AdSense app gives more money compare to other platforms.

Google Adsense Account

About Google Ads :

Google Ads is best for advertise your product worldwide for increase your sales or company value or set ads on your Website, YouTube channel or on your Application for income. CPM and E-CPM calculation of Google is best, you can advertise your any product at very cheap rate, you can also set all things like which kind of people shows your advertisement, age of the people and keywords which are including in your companies product name and more customization options are available on Google Ads, so use Google Ads, set your ads and grow your business.

One of the best and most paid online advertising platform is Google Ads, Google provides ads for different platforms like if you want to set ads on your website use Google AdSense platform, for set ads on YouTube use Google AdSense YouTube platform, for application Google AdMob ads platform. So you need to register on above platform for show ads of Google and start income. Google AdSense earnings per click is highest than other ads network, that’s why most of people Google AdSense account create and set Google ads on their website. If we compare Google AdMob vs unity ads, so Google AdMob console gives more income than Unity. People moved on Google Ads but the rules of Google Ads are also hard to follow, if your Website, YouTube channel or Application follow add rules then apply to Google Ads otherwise Google don’t allow you to show ads on your products.

Google AdSense :

Google AdSense is a Cross-platform, it’s one type of web-based application, it was launched on 18 June 2003, 19 years ago. There are a number of features added on latest version of Google AdSense, you can set advertise on your website or also published your personal ads by creating ads on Google AdSense accounts. Many people want to Google AdSense account make, you can make your own Google AdSense website earnings account by following below steps.

  • Open Google and search Google AdSense then click Get started.
  • Sign in to your own Google Account, and enter all required details.
  • Select your payment country or territory.
  • Click on accept the AdSense Terms and Conditions.
  • After complete full process you can start using AdSense.
  • Create your own ads, live them and start income.
  • Google AdSense payment per click is higher than other platforms, you can watch Google AdSense account payment on dashboard or past payment of Google AdSense earnings on history.
  • Follow these steps and start enjoying Google AdSense services.

Google AdSense YouTube :

Google Ads

Google AdSense YouTube provides ads on your YouTube videos, from that you can start earnings on YouTube by making videos. You can watch Google AdSense YouTube payment on your YouTube account. For create your own Google AdSense YouTube account, just login and enter details what YouTube ask. The steps of Google AdSense YouTube monetization is very simple, any one can start YouTube AdSense earnings by making amazing videos on YouTube AdSense account approved channel. Recently YouTube monetization policy changed, so you need to follow YouTube AdSense policy rules and provides all Google AdSense YouTube requirements information so they can give you approval of Ads. Most of people make Google AdSense account for YouTube and start income, you can get Google AdSense payment YouTube directly in your bank account. So fill all details and start income by using YouTube.

What is CPM and E-CPM Meaning :

People don’t have an idea about e-CPM vs CPM, so CPM is the rate advertisers pay per 1000 impressions and e-CPM shows how much ad revenue the publisher has generated on average from 1000 ad impressions. CPM calculation formula is Total Campaign Spend ÷ Number of Impressions X 1,000. If you can compare CPM of Google AdSense vs ad manager so both are platforms of Google and the CPM of these both platform is best than others. So, this is a main difference between CPM and e-CPM.

Google AdMob :

Full form of is AdMob is “advertising on mobile”. Google AdMob founded by Omar Hamoui in 10 April 2006, it’s Google mobile advertising subsidiary, Google AdMob flutter platform used by more than 80% in the world. Google AdMob login process is quite simple, just fill asked personal information like your name, email, password and more. Read Google AdMob documentation for Google AdMob integration android. People also use Google AdMob test id for test their ads on their application, Google AdMob test id are available on Google so anyone can test before published their app. Google AdMob unity are best for income in 2022, a number of people use their Google AdMob earning for expand their business, new start-ups and for personal expenses. Google AdMob reviews are best and Google AdMob firebase setup is easy so all developers can set AdMob ads on their application.

It’s all important information of world’s most used Ads platform Google Ads, you can expand your business and income lots of money by using Ads services of Google. Lots of people set ads of Google and get very big Google AdSense payments every month. Follow given steps for Google AdSense login and start income. Google AdMob is also best if you have an application, plethora of people set Google AdMob sdk and show ads of Google on their application form generate income, if you compare the CPM and E-CPM to others Google gives you higher income than other platforms. So, use one of the easiest, best and trustful platform for advertisement.


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